Hi, I'm Emmie


For a long time I’ve been interested in the subtle, the gentle, the spaces in between.

While trying to make it work as a writer & a poet I took a yoga teacher training and quickly found myself teaching full time. Years later I stumbled across human design while on a weeklong Restorative Yoga retreat on a ranch in Montana. I loved teaching yoga but I was broke and exhausted. After a week of fresh mountain air, daily redwood saunas and a whole lot of rest, I began to experiment with living my design and everything started to fall into place.

Nothing excites me more than guiding people into a life of flow and innate ease, by giving themselves permission to be exactly who they already are. I facilitate this through human design readings, spacious yoga classes and carefully curated international & local retreats.

Emmie xo



Class Schedule


5:15 pm Vinyasa the collaborative maroubra

6:30pm Vinyasa the collaborative maroubra

7:45pm Beginners Course the collaborative maroubra (by enrolment only)



6:15pm Open Lite jivamukti yoga sydney

7:30pm Restorative jivamukti yoga sydney



7:30pm Yin jivamukti yoga sydney



5:15pm Vinyasa the collaborative maroubra

6:30pm Restorative the collaborative maroubra



12pm Open Lite jivamukti yoga sydney

6pm Restorative jivamukti yoga sydney



2pm Restorative jivamukti yoga sydney

What is Restorative Yoga?

A path to deep relaxation through supported yoga asana



The measurable benefits - reduction of blood pressure, insomnia, adrenal and general fatigue; improved immune function, digestion and fertility, are in and of themselves enough reason to add restorative yoga to your weekly routine. However, through my own practice and feedback a few main themes have come through. 

Clarity: Many students report an increase in clarity at the end of the class / session or during the asanas themselves. Particularly in terms of creative work, ideas or insight into current life situations.

Intuition: Restorative yoga allows for a deep and compassionate connection with the body, breath, emotions and mind. Leading to an ongoing experience of heightened intuition and comfort in your own skin. 

Beauty: It's no secret a dynamic asana practice will tone your body on the way to enlightenment (or love, wholeness – however you see it) and restorative has surface level benefits too. 

Most skin issues take root in stress - acne, excema, roasecea, you name it. Managing stress is often the first step in solving skin issues, and while you learn to drop into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system, the practice may reveal to you the exact cause of this stress.

During times of stress, cortisol is released into the bloodsteam, encouraging a process called glycation; an effect on the skin that damages collagen, hardening it, increasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Deep relaxation is essential in keeping the skin soft, supple and smooth. Leaving class can feel like leaving a day spa - and you might look like it too!



Restorative Yoga is the practice of holding specific yoga asana (postures) for an extended period of time with the use of props like bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to support, cushion and cradle the body. Low light, warmth and appropriate soundtracks are used to deepen the relaxation experience. 



It all depends. On the asanas in the sequence, the day or week you've had and the regularity with which you practice. Often in the beginning the mind will wander or even panic in extended periods of stillness without stimulation. A lot may come up. You may feel emotional. You may fall asleep. Over time, the ability to rest in that space between wakefulness and sleep develops.  You learn to effortlessly activate your inbuilt relaxation response. You feel held, supported, floating or nurtured. You feel the weight of anxiety, stress and muscular tension release.

The experience you have within the practice itself will vary. In many ways, Restorative Yoga is simply the art of getting out of your own way, giving permission for any response to unfold and allowing the natural intelligence of the body to take over and facilitate healing on a very deep level.