Your permission slip awaits:


Human Design is a roadmap of who you came to be in this world, before the world told you to be someone else.

Based on your time & place of birth, your Human Design chart outlines how your energetic body interacts with the world and people around you.

Book a Human Design Reading to learn:

  • What is your strongest sense & how to tap into it

  • How to make great decisions with ease

  • How you were specifically designed to work, rest, eat and share your gifts with the world

  • Areas in which you are most open to conditioning & influence from the world around you

In our consultation, we will talk about elements of your chart separately, and how they come together as a whole in a way that is completely unique for you.

Human Design teaches us that when we are 100% ourselves, our life flows with ease (no more swimming upstream), day to day living feels lighter, and we have the most potential to positively impact and influence the world around us.

Understanding our own Human Design, but also the design of our children and partners allows us to see how we are all so uniquely different, yet designed to work together. Through Human Design we can understand and accept one another on a much deeper level.

Book a session to discuss exactly what your permission slip looks and feels like in practice. Please note all sales are final. Sessions may be rescheduled with adequate notice.

If the times here are not possible for you, or you wish to purchase a gift voucher, please contact me via email. All sessions are held via Zoom or in person at Jivamukti Yoga Sydney.