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Womens Rest / Womens Ways

  • The Collaborative Maroubra Level 2 176 Marine Parade Maroubra Australia (map)

Maybe you’ve heard, said, or mentally fist pumped to the phrase “anything a man can do, I can do on my period.”

Well duh.

Of course you can. You can probably do it with more accuracy, grace, and efficiency, too.

Does this mean you should?

Absolutely not.

The Restorative Yoga answer to period pain, lethargy, moodiness, forgetfulness and crying at youtube videos of unlikely animal best friends (really nothing wrong with that, I mean it’s a CAT AND A MOUSE) is to just slow down for a goddamn second and stop running around like a crazy person pretending everything is fine.

What are we trying to prove exactly, by keeping up with our regular (which by all standards, is probably insane) schedule, when every cell in our body is like, sorry but, you know what’s happening here. I mean, you can see what’s happening here. Why are you fighting me? Again?

The experience
The workshop will include a discussion, looking at the reasons why we resist this monthly time of drawing inward and slowing down. We’ll sip warming turmeric tonics and practice a deeply restorative and nourishing sequence.

You’ll leave with a print out of the yoga sequence for the days leading up to and of your period, a recipe for the tonic and tips for finding your way back to embracing what can be a very powerful time of introspection and intuition – if only we can let go of the superwoman complex for a minute or two ;)