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Life By Design

  • The Collaborative Maroubra (map)

Everyone wants more flow, more ease, more effortlessness, right? Right.

SO what if when you were born, you came with an instruction manual. And not just like: drink water, eat vegetables, sleep and move your body.

But like, a down to the detail, energetic map of your inherent gifts and skills, AND the shit you really shouldn't bother yourself with (despite what you were told growing up).

Welcome to the Human Design System.

The actual guidelines for happiness your soul chose to embody in this lifetime. Seriously.

So if you haven't already, go grab your Human Design chart here

The thing with this system is, its not easy to interpret. In fact, when you first look at your chart, you might give up before you even start because its basically written in an alien language.

Enter Life By Design.
A workshop to help you start to peel back the layers and better understand yourself, and everyone around you.

Part lecture, part discussion and Q&A, this two hour workshop is open to human design enthusiasts, novices and skeptics alike.

We'll cover:

  • The key points for living your best life as each energy type

  • Each type's strategy: the specific way to forward in the world with grace, ease and confidence (it's probably not what you've been told!)

  • Time for Q&A

This is for anyone who wants a little sneak peak into the system before booking a reading. If you've already had a reading, this is a chance to take your knowledge waaaaaay deeper by learning how to understand the design of your family, partner, clients coworkers and friends.

The power of understanding each design

Awareness of energy types can alleviate tension and foster deeper understanding and connection in all of our relationships (aka it helps you to understand why people do the crazy shit they do!)

Each participant will leave with a print out of the energy types, with an action step and practice for each. Bookings via The Collaborative Maroubra.