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On Creativity.

We are all inherently creative beings. Our purpose on the planet is to create: create human life, nurture plant life, create solutions and innovations for the family, community and human tribe. When we are living in authenticity, creativity will effortlessly flow: and it has nothing to do with composing a poem or painting a sunset.

Yet due to how we have been brought up, we may either see ourselves as someone who is ‘not creative’ simply because we can’t draw to save our own life (raises hand) or feel that pursuing creative outlets is frivolous, a waste of time or won’t lead us to success.

As an energy, creativity is simply free movement and flow. When we are living creatively we are inspired and able to see the joy and the teaching in each moment. Creativity is expressed in our work and relationships, the way we prepare food, dress and interact with others.

Perhaps deepening your connection with creativity means you take an art or dance class, but if this seems like your worst nightmare, what would invite more movement and flow into your life? Perhaps it is immersing yourself in a body of water, dry body brushing every morning, or practice a few yin postures at night.

make this a daily rest practice

Choose your favourite pose from this sequence (or string 2-3 together) and practice daily. The emphasis here is on taking time most days (as often as possible) to be in total silence without doing or planning. Stress, constant rushing and being hard on yourself, all drain creative energy immensely. Taking pockets of time to do nothing is essential to re-inviting this life force into everyday activities. After your daily rest practice, journal free-from for 3-5 minutes, or refer to the prompts below.

write it out

What are my beliefs around creativity? (Do you consider yourself creative or not? Do you have any shame around creativity?

If time or money was no boundary, what would I be engaged in creatively? (Learning an instrument, writing a blog, making ferments, painting, helping others)

What allows me to feel as though I’m ‘in flow’?

What takes away that feeling of freedom, movement and flow?


in practice

Living without creativity may show up as feelings of exhaustion, depression, being stuck, overwhelmed and without joy.

Re-igniting creativity might first look like going outdoors, being barefoot on sand or grass, swimming or (mindfully) sunbathing. Ever felt like your creativity is drained in winter? Get out in nature (even if its a city park or your balcony) and notice what shifts.

It may look like buying the most beautiful produce and cooking yourself or loved ones a delicious meal and making a whole practice from the making of the it. Put on your favourite music, light some candles, sip wine, snack on olives - whatever your thing is! Be really present with the food, the tastes, the smells, get all your senses excited and back on board.

Make an action plan of five things you will commit to doing this month to invite movement, flow and creativity into your life in a deeper way. Keep in the notes section of your phone and add to the list as more ideas spring to life!


creative support

medicinal hot chocolate


1 tablespoon cacao

1/2 tsp reishi

1/2 tsp

sprinkle cinnamon

1 tbs coconut butter

1 cup boiling water

.5 cup oat milk

1 tsp tocos

a little maple or brown rice syrup

(also tastes amazing with a little cold brew!)

combine all ingredients in blender and blend on high. reheat on stove if needed.