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This month, we combine inner work & rest, with the physical space you inhabit. It is a particularly potent month for creating an alter, practice space or simply giving your home a really good physical clean and energetic cleanse with sage, palo santo and mantra.

Ideally you will have a space that is set aside just for you and your practice. Creating an altar is a rewarding practice, even if it feels foreign at first. It can be as simple as collecting a few flowers on your walk home, or lighting a stick of cleansing incense.

Start to create energetic boundaries around your practice, too. Ask the people who you live with not to disturb when you are doing your practice. At the very least, always turn your phone on airplane mode.

Yoga Practice - Restorative Yoga for Creating Space in your body, mind & life.

Make this a Daily Rest practice

The purpose of this online workshop is so you can enjoy and integrate the content at your own space. Often the most meaningful way to introduce these restful practices into your life is to do it as often as possible, to start small and build from there.

  • Practice the guided relaxation at the beginning of the video in any comfortable position

  • Practice legs up the wall (starting 5 minutes, working up to 15-20)

  • Practice savasana (20 minutes)

Note which postures work best for you and add to your journal as a go-to practice when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Practice at least one pose from the above sequence. As soon as you sit up, choose 1-3 questions, set your timer and write for 5 minutes on each, even if it feels like a stretch. Be as honest as possible.

  • what have you been avoiding recently?

  • what scares you more than anything?

  • what / who are you saying yes to that should be a no?

  • what are you currently calling in? what do you want more of in your life? do not filter yourself or listen to the voice that says I can’t have that or its too much. Write it all out. Abundance? Money? Love? Sense of purpose? Free time? Travel? Designer handbags? Go for it.

  • if you don’t know what you want, make a list now of anything you can think of that you really love. don’t judge it as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing. Once you’ve listed as many things you can think of, make a list of what you don’t like, again don’t judge, just list.

  • Start to see the patterns between what you are drawn towards. Make note of any overlap or themes.


creating space takes action.

Creating space takes effort. It is a dance. It takes honesty, clarity, action, trust and patience. First answer the journalling questions above as honestly as you can. Get really clear on what you are avoiding and what scares you. Now, create an action plan in your journal or the notes section of your phone for the next month.

Action plans can involve both steps you need to take (putting away X amount of $ each week to leave your toxic workplace, making that dentist appointment, etc), as well as things you need to let go of (saying yes to everything at work, having coffee with a friend you drains you).

Try to narrow your list down to what you really know you need to focus on. 1-3 points. You can always come back in future to address more.

Note that when we come to the letting go part of creating space, it can feel scary and uncomfortable. Often we will go back to the habits and people in order to take away that uncomfortable feeling of spaciousness. Don’t beat yourself up if this happens. It is a natural part of the process. Do take special note of the times you sat through the discomfort and were rewarded by something more aligned with what you really want coming through. The Restorative practice will help you feel much more comfortable with what might feel like excess space.

invite your home to support you.

The idea of Creating Space in your life is for the purpose of inviting in more of what you love. There is no better way to test run this process than through the home you live in. We all have different living situations, but take control of what you can, even if its just your bedroom. Don’t use but I’m moving soon, I’m renting, when the kids are older as an excuse.

My favourite resources for this are Marie Kondo and Meghan Wallace James.

Step 1: When Creating Space in your life, first work on Creating Space in your home. The Marie Kondo decluttering method is step one (and it’s great training for the work of creating space in general).

Step 2: Dial it up a notch with Meghan Wallace James’ take on modern Feng Shui. Her top tips? Create an inviting entrance to your home to bring new, fresh energy in, tackle that one area of your home you’re avoiding and make your bedroom the cosiest, simplest, most sensual room possible.

Creating a beautiful home is not about spending a lot of money. It’s about Creating Space. Your home should reflect the energy you wish you bring into your life. It might be about donating a lot of stuff. It might be replacing light bulbs. It’s always about pausing before buying something new, visualising what it will add to your home and your life, and where it will live. It’s about having a place for everything in your house. And sometimes, it might be buying a new couch - but there’s a lot of heavy lifting that can be done way before that.


the collection

daily green juice


you don’t need to do an all out juice fast to receive the benefits of fresh vegetable juice. try this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or for an afternoon pick me up.


  • cucumber

  • celery

  • lime

  • green apple or pear

  • fennel

  • kale or english spinach

  • ginger

feed all ingredients through a juicer and drink as soon as possible.

add oregano oil for immune support if you feel a cold coming on.

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