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Ideally you will have a space that is set aside just for you and your practice. This might be in the form of an altar, a flower or two picked on your walk home, or simply the energetic boundary of asking the people who you live with not to disturb when you are doing your practice. At the very least, always turn your phone on airplane mode.

Practice - Restorative yoga for soothing stress & anxiety


A guided relaxation for welcoming & grounding. Listen through headphones in your favourite pose or simply lay down on your back with knees bent and eyes covered.

Make this a Daily Rest practice

The purpose of this online workshop is so you can enjoy and integrate the content at your own space. Often the most meaningful way to introduce these restful practices into your life is to do it as often as possible, to start small and build from there.

  • Practice standing asanas only (5 minutes)

  • Practice the body scan from the audio or video & journal for (10 minutes)

  • Practice standing asanas & savasana (20 minutes)

Note which postures work best for you and add to your journal as a go-to practice when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


  • how are you feeling today? how does the body feel? the mind? are there any emotional sensations present?

  • what exactly is making you feel stressed / anxious / overwhelmed right now? write it all down, trying not to edit yourself or make it ‘perfect’ or even readable

  • are you here often? what brings you to be in this state

  • what is your body truly asking you for?

  • what can you give yourself today to come back to yourself?


get grounded.

this month, create a list titled GROUND consisting of 5-10 things you know usually help when you’re feeling stressed. examples:

  • practice the body scan and write out everything you’re feeling

  • go for a walk around the block

  • spend 20 minutes in the sun or sitting in natural environment

  • walk barefoot on the grass

  • take a screen break

  • call a friend

  • make yourself your favourite tea

  • open all the windows, tidy up, cleanse with incense or palo santo

  • create an alter to represent the current season using elements from the earth (leaves, flowers, stones etc).

write your list in your phone or journal and refer to it when you’re feeling swept up in stress, anxiety and overwhelm


the collection

unnamed (2).jpg

hojicha latte

unnamed (3).jpg

A minimal caffeine version of everyones favourite tea latte. Hojicha is very low in caffeine and has an earthy, almost coffee like taste. Powdered hojicha can be hard to come across so feel free to use strongly brewed tea instead.


  • 1 tsp hojicha powder

  • 1 tbs coconut butter

  • 1/2 tsp reishi powder

  • 1 tsp maple syrup

  • 1 cup hot water or strongly brewed hojicha tea

  • splash of almond milk

combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until combined and foamy. Add sweetener to taste and drink from your favourite mug!

Please tune into the Club Rest Community Facebook Group on Friday mornings as I discuss themes and questions that have come up during the past week - and please submit any questions or thoughts you at the bottom of the club rest page.