“An aim that guides an action is an intention. To do something intentionally is to act on purpose. To act on purpose means that you act consciously. To pay attention is to act consciously, to act deliberately.”
— Sharon Gannon

Welcome to Club Rest.

Intention is what shapes our practice and our lives.

First things first: Ideally you will have a space that is set aside just for you and your practice. This might be in the form of an altar, a flower or two picked on your walk home, or simply the energetic boundary of asking the people who you live with not to disturb you for this time. At the very least, it is turning your phone on airplane mode.

Start in a small, measured way: create the space and set aside the time, starting as small as you need to get it going. Then allow this scared space to slowly infiltrate into the rest of your home, work and life. Try to let go of expectations and allow it to unfold - just as you do in the rest practice. Set yourself up. Acknowledge your intention. Let go and allow.

How to work with this content

This workshop is designed to act as a guide for exploration over the next month - longer if you like. We are inundated with information, teachings and experiences that so often come and go without the time to really integrate with them. The idea of these workshops is not that you consume it all in a day (although you can if you like!), tick it off and move onto the next thing, but take it piece by piece, day by day, weaving elements of it into your daily life, as little or as much as feels right.

You may choose to practice the whole workshop as it is in the video a few times a month, or make it a daily rest practice outlined below. You might choose to rest & journal for ten minutes a day, or sit with your notebook after a longer restorative practice once a week. You may listen to the voice recording resting on the floor, or create your intentional living list for the next week or month. You might simply start with the overnight infusion.

It is through flexible consistency that we see change, growth and results. That means committing to doing the practice even when we’re feeling resistant - but not to judge if we miss a day or three. It means small steps, and small bites of time as regularly as you can manage.

Please tune into the Club Rest Community Facebook Group on Friday mornings as I discuss themes and questions that have come up during the past week - and please submit any questions or thoughts you at the bottom of the club rest page.

Club Rest - Emmie Rae - 1

A guided relaxation & contemplation on intention. Listen through headphones in your favourite pose or simply lay down on your back with knees bent and eyes covered.


Work with these in whatever way feels right for you. Focus on one each day, or a group at a time. I do recommend coming back to them at least once or twice throughout the month to answer again and notice any changes. If you feel resistant to journaling, set your timer for 5 minutes and write (without editing yourself at all) until the timer goes off.

  • what does living with intention mean to you

  • what stands in the way of your ability to live with intention

  • what are three things you would like to do every morning before starting your day

  • what would you like to do every evening before falling asleep

  • write down any excuses you might have for not being able to do these things

  • what does your perfect day look like

  • what is stopping you from experiencing elements of this day more regularly 

create your intentional living list


  • Lighting a candle for your evening shower

  • 5 minutes of rest every afternoon

  • Dry body brushing in the morning

  • Reading instead of phone scrolling before sleeping

  • Arriving to work early and going for a coffee or making a tea

  • An outdoor walk or sunbathe at lunch

write your list and stick it somewhere on your desk, fridge and notes section of your phone. incorporate at least one of these into your day, every single day and build from there.

Club Rest-Emmie Rae-Mod1-7.JPG

Make this a Daily Rest practice 

The purpose of this online workshop is so you can enjoy and integrate the content at your own space.

In my experience, the most meaningful way to introduce these restful practices into your life is to do it as often as possible, to start small and to build from there.

The idea of a daily rest practice is that you set some guidelines (that you may want to resist at first) and slowly build up to making this a slightly longer and more regular practice. Try to commit to this for seven days and notice what unfolds.

Day One
5 minutes basic backbend

Day Two
5 minutes legs up the chair 

Day Three
5 minutes supta baddhakonasana

Day Four
5 minutes basic backbend & 5 minutes supta baddhakonasana

Day Five
10 minutes legs up the chair & 5 minutes supta baddhakonasana

Day Six
10 minutes legs up the chair, 5 minutes supta baddhakonasana & 10 minutes savasana

Day Seven
5 minutes backbend, 10 minutes legs up the chair, 5 minutes supta baddhakonasana & 15 minutes savasana 


Intentional Living Collection

Club Rest-Emmie Rae-Mod1-6.JPG



The simple act of creating an infusion before bed in the evening, and straining it in the morning is a beautiful practice, and one that takes very little time at all. There is something special about creating your own gentle medicine and I hope you will try and enjoy this recipe. 

  • 2 tbs nettle leaf

  • 1 tbs dried hibiscus flower

  • 1 tbs oat straw

Add boiling water, give a quick stir, seal tightly and leave overnight. In the morning strain, cover and chill in the fridge. 

You may choose to halve this amount to begin with (I did!), or double the amount of nettle after some time. Infusions are considered to be very safe, but if you have any health concerns of course please confirm with your doctor or naturopath first. I use southern light herbs.