Club Rest Online

Club Rest is more than just a Yoga workshop.

It’s the place for you to develop a rich and deeply restorative daily practice that you own and hold.

It’s for when you can’t make it to class. When you practice yoga everyday but you want to take it deeper. When you’re travelling. When work is crazy. When life turns upside down.

It’s a collection of yoga practices, relaxation exercises, questions, recommendations and prompts to explore at your own pace over the space of a month. It’s for learning how to prioritise your relationship with rest. Learning how to do more by doing less. Finding the ritual in the mundane.

Click below to sign up for 6 Months of Rest Workshops (with 12 months access) or book a private session to have a personal rest practice developed just for you, taking into consideration your life circumstances, human design, and areas in which you feel ‘stuck.’





Private Sessions

$150 for one session

$439 for three sessions

All sales are final, no refunds are permitted.

Ala Carte