Club Rest

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Club Rest is more than just a monthly yoga workshop.

It’s the place for you to develop and rich and deeply restorative practice that you own and hold.

It’s for when you can’t make it to class. When you practice everyday but you want to take it deeper. When you’re travelling. When work is crazy. When life turns upside down.

It’s a collection of yoga practices, relaxation exercises, questions, recommendations and prompts to explore at your own pace over the space of a month.

It’s for learning how to prioritise your relationship with rest. Learning how to do more by doing less. Finding the ritual in the mundane.

It’s for creativity. Clarity. Growth.

It’s community. It’s connection.

It’s whatever you want to make it.

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Whats Included?

Each month you’ll get:

  • a workshop length restful, restorative yoga & deep relaxation class complete with at-home prop variations (all you need are towels)!

  • a contemplation relaxation recording

  • recommendations for how to make this sequence a bite sized daily practice

  • journalling prompts for exploration on a specific theme

  • connection through the club rest online community with weekly lives answering questions or concerns

  • book, podcast, article & object recommendations to take your understanding of the topic even further

  • an infusion or tonic recipe

Are you in?

Membership options

6 Month Upfront Membership (ongoing access to all workshops)


Month to Month Upfront Membership (ongoing access to all workshops)

$29.95 per month

One off Workshop (two months access to single workshop)


want to take it deeper?

Online Rest Consultations

Rest consultations start with a short survey & reflection exercise to sit with a week before our initial consultation to start to fully understand your relationship with rest.

After your session you will receive not only prescribed restorative yoga asana & journalling exercises, but recommendations for small, manageable shifts in areas ranging from your home space, movement practices, creative projects and beyond to create a sense of yutori - spaciousness, ease and joy.

initial consultation: $120

ongoing sessions (30min): $50

Restorative Yoga IN person

In person 1:1 or small group sessions (with ocean views) are available at The Collaborative Maroubra on Mondays & Thursdays between 12-5pm.

$150 per session

please enquire below to book:

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