sensitivity as a superpower

I’d like to say I was born sensitive. During the time I was at school I would like to say it wasn’t my fault. Can’t help it! Born this way! Like it was as unfixable, as truly unchangeable as the colour of my hair (and if you have ever tried to dye red hair, you know this is true - I’ve been in awe of that fact for years that somehow, the most rare, the most oi-draw-attention-to-this-ranga-over-here hair colour in the universe literally refuses to be dyed.) Another quiet point for team Life Is Suffering.

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feel the fear (and do it anyway)

None of us are strangers to fear. Fear is a very helpful survival mechanism. It keeps us safe. It helps us make rational decisions. “Do not jump out of this window to avoid having to resit your first aid certificate” or “Yes I get the concept of #yolo but also if you buy that plane ticket to japan you will not be able to pay your rent and also you will starve”

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