ubud: how sweet the centre is

In Bali, it’s the offerings. It’s the flowers. It’s the old wooden houses and moss growing out of stone statues that hold meaning far surpassing physical beauty alone. In Chiang Mai there’s a temple on every street corner. Same in Kyoto, where there are sweet shops that have been selling the same type of mochi for 1000 years. There are recipes passed down through generations. There are traditions that blur the line between religious and cultural. There are layers upon layers upon layers. It’s easy to glamourize tradition growing up without it. I know it doesn’t always make life easy. But I believe life without it lacks a specific type of colour and depth.

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chiang mai city guide

While the words Chiang Mai may stir up the image of elephant print harmen panted travellers and a disturbing animal cruelty tourist trade, what it can and should stir up is thoughts of being lovingly stretched, squashed and pummelled by a thai massage therapist, the smell of lemongrass, of ginger and lime.

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