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So there are the people who pack for a trip a week in advance and the people who pack the night before. I tend to fall into the latter category. While I’m not usually one to forget anything, I have to admit I often pack items that come with me and are never worn the whole trip. whether its forgotten items or bringing unnecessary ones, in an attempt to marie kondo my whole goddamn life, I want to pack smarter too.

This year I have been thinking a lot about clothes. About how they are made and over consumed, sure, but also how much I love fashion and really don’t love getting around in yoga gear all day every day. Interestingly enough this hasn’t seen me buy more clothes than usual. In fact I’ve bought less than ever. But, when possible (I can't teach yoga in a skirt now can I) I’m being super picky about what I wear – from what I wash my hair with, to my socks and my beaten up white springcourts that are, for some reason, my favourite shoes in the world.

So I’m giving palette packing a shot (feel like there should be a hashtag in there somewhere) and bringing favourites that fit into a similar palette, make me feel good and can mix and match a hundred times over.

Try it

Lay out all the clothing you feel you want to take on the bed.

When considering what to pack, ask yourself these questions:

What will I be spending my time doing? (yoga, hiking, lounging by the pool, shopping, fancy dinners, work meetings)

How do I want to feel?

What is the temperature in city/ies?

What items are the odd ones out in terms of colour & style?

 For me, I needed casual city and yoga clothes (luckyyyy cause that’s all I own) – and luckily everywhere we are heading is roughly the same climate. 



Lay 5 items flat one on top of the other and then roll them up together and pack. When you arrive hang up the wrinkly items as soon as possible, sometimes even hanging them in the bathroom while you have a hot shower may help bigger wrinkles drop out (who has time for ironing I mean really)

I always bring a bunch of canvas  / string bags for dirty laundry, shoes, snacks, anything that could potentially be messy. They always come in handy.



Flight Essentials

Bose noise cancelling headphones are genuinely life changing. I am very lucky to have inherited a pair from my boyfriend but they are honestly worth every cent. I always bring spare batteries because I am terrified they will run out. They’re that good. Just get them. 

A really good book it has taken a huge amount of self discipline not to devour the whole of Min Jin Lee’s Free Food for Millionaires over the last week. I read her most recent novel Pachinko for 5 hrs straight when I flew to Bali earlier this year and it’s the best flight I’ve ever had. So a long, addictive, immersive read is a winner for forgetting you are trapped in a tin can for 14 hours. 

Notebook and pen can’t go past a classic moleskine but they can be heavy. I’m a big fan of muji brown notebooks (and muji everything, stop it I know) and their gel pens are the besttttt. I always have one (okay two) in my bag.

Music favourite albums, a guilty favourites playlist for sure, some chanting / kirtan playlists or albums for chill time  (I don’t sleep on flights.)  It’s nice to take the extra time to zone out, listen to music and write down whatever comes up.

Podcasts I love Almost 30, interviews with Lacy Phillips of Free & Native, On Being, interviews with Judith Lasater, a little Tim Ferriss... I currently have about 20 downloaded of which I'll listen to maybe two, and otherwise watch terrible movies and tv for the rest of the flight. 

Muji travel bottles for taking on board moisturiser, moisturising serum and face oil cause yes I am A Very Dehydrated Person – plus – I'm experimenting this time with a little muji spray bottle I’ll fill with bottled water to spray on my face mid flight to better absorb moisturiser and avoid essential oil and rosewater face mists (for the time being).

Four sigmatic reishi & hot chocolate look I hear what you’re saying about hot water on the plane being gross, but I mean, the food is too terrible to eat, the air is too terrible to breathe, the toilet is like a coffin, the chairs seem to be specifically designed to make sleep physiologically impossible --- coffee is out of the question - I need something. Reishi is calming to the nervous system and these are the best instant hot chocolates you’ll ever taste. I’ll be bringing nettle and green tea as well. And getting up to ask for hot water is a good reason to stretch your legs. 

Keep cup for drinking the tea and hot chocolate in a cup bigger than a thimble.

Scarf to use as a blanket, pillow, to wrap around your neck to try and prop it up for sleeping (I hope you have better luck than me on that front).

Theres probably more (snacks!) but these are the few things that diminish at least some of my suffering on board. Share your favourites please!! 

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