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Back at Uni when I was studying really useful and money making subjects like cultural studies, Asian film and Japanese language, the teacher once asked us, if we could study any culture in the world, what would it be. And as a room full of early twenty somethings we tried to outdo each other with the most flung out places in the universe until the tutor was basically like, you should study whats in your backyard. Where you’re from. Where you live. And we were all like… oh yeah that makes sense.

So I’ve done Ubud, Chiang Mai, Tokyo, Kyoto and Paris. It’s probably about time I write about just a small selection of the endless amount of places to eat vegan in Sydney.


Gigi Pizzeria

The line out the door and around the corner literally every single night of the week should be all the convincing you need. And no you can’t make a booking. And yes, it is worth standing in the rain for an hour and letting your hair get all frizzed up.

Order: Literally any pizza (currently into the primavera), the chickpea chips for sure and a mista salad if you feel some greens are necessary. Oh and the tiramisu. You’ll probably be starving after waiting in line anyway. Eat it all. Vegan.


Two Chaps

A Marrickville vegetarian institution that doesn’t scream out about its vegetarianism. Gets packed around lunchtime so go early when there’s less prams to contend with.

 Order: The fried rice bowl (veganised) and a side of hash browns. The citrus cold brew is pretty nice too for something a little different. Get some vegan donuts to take away. I like the iced ones the best because I’m five. If you’re ordering a milky coffee, get it with the macadamia milk, trust me. Vegetarian.


Fleetwood Macchiato

Saving for a house so not buying avo toast because why not make that shit at home? Good for you for being smart as hell but also this toast is in a league of its own – it has a chunky gomashio, smoked chilli oil, and a shit load of herbs. They generally have a vegan sandwich on offer too. Batch brew coffee is great. Menu is seasonal so it changes regularly.

Order: Chilli Avo Toast. Omnivore.


Open for lunch, dinner, drinks. Menu changes seasonally and is perfect for share plates. Little on the pricer side but worth it and in a chill environment. Let the wait staff know you’re vegan and they’ll rattle off everything that can be veganised (a lot.) It has an extensive drink menu so bring someone who knows about wine.

Order: The vegan fried chicken (made with vegetables. Not soy meat.) and a fancy beer. Omnivore.



Bodhi is nice. Its really cute. You can sit outside under the big old trees with the fairy lights and its just super gorgeous. If you’re travelling or you have guests and you want to show them that Sydney is kinda lush then go here.

Order: Go for the yum cha and order everything. I love the savoury sticky rice (surprise surprise) and anything in the shape of a dumpling or coated in sesame seeds. Vegan.


The Wedge

I remember the wedge as the first place I ever got an iced coffee in Sydney that was just an actual cold coffee. Remember when ice coffee in Australia was just whipped cream and chocolate sauce on coffee flavoured milk!? Though I’m not going to lie if someone does a vegan version of that – I would totally be into it.

Order: Avocado toast or the vegan rice bowl with a bright yellow turmeric sauce. I like the filter coffee here because it comes in a one of those big chunky white mugs. Omnivore.


Kindness Café  

Not a lot of points for ambience, but if you want good, healthy thai food and really sweet service, aaaand ice cubes with little prizes like orange rinds or edible flowers inside, then definitely worth checking out.

Order: The roti with curry sauce is so good I would schlep it over to Darlinghurst for that reason alone. And the mango sticky rice when it’s in season of course. In true thai style seems to be vegan but you can add eggs if you like..


Vina Vegan

Cheap vegan Vietnamese (which I personally rate much higher than its too-cool cousin up the road, Golden Lotus. That being said it is really on my list for one reason alone. The seaweed fried rice. You’re welcome.

Order: The seaweed fried rice and a fresh young cocont. Vegan.


For me Paperbark feels like casual fine dining, but apparently it’s more upper mid range. Nice place to go for a special night out or to bring visitors. It’s higher end but pretty comfortable. Both the food and drinks menu have a focus on native Australian ingredients, so it’s quite different to anywhere else, as a plus the tableware is super cute and photogenic - so it’s ten points from me.

Order: All of it. Vegan.

This is by no means an extensive list - and is primarily inner west based (like me). Please write your favourites below! xo


Image via Gigi Pizzeria  

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