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There's something about Winter that makes me insatiable for snuggly, cuddly feelings, for wanting to reward myself simply for getting through another week of walking home in the rain or waiting for the bus in the cold (okay thats dramatic but I know you feel me). Maybe its the lack of outside time, of sun on my skin, of actually seeing my skin outside of that split second between showering and getting dressed again. When swimming in the ocean and laying by the ocean loses its appeal, it's nice to have other options to check out, to drop down, to rest. I love (loveeee) lists so here is a list of my favourite relaxation spaces in Sydney, and the ones that I hope to check out ASAP. Happy relaxing! 

Wildfire Wellness, Maroubra

Infrared saunas in a really beautiful space run by two super sweet and friendly girls who I met at The Collaborative, of course. They also stock cute clothes, swimwear, local and ethically made natural beauty and skincare products. Still thinking about the lilac velvet scrunchie I saw there on Monday too... 

Bodyharmonie Massage, Marrickville

Massage and Naturopathic services in a simple and super friendly space. I always walk out feeling 'fixed' after a massage with Emma Brown and dream of making it a monthly thing. 

The Saltuary, Five Dock

Like a natural therapy amusement park, but super chill. Sensory deprivation float tanks, a hand built Himalayan salt room for salt therapy and infrared saunas too. They have packages on their website to bundle specific therapies so you could make a whole cold winters day out of it. 

Natures Energy Bath Houses, Newtown, Glebe, Balmain

Hot spa, cold spa, steam room and Swedish sauna. Glebe and Balmain are amazing budget options if you don't mind sharing the space with others and (of course) wearing swimwear. Newtown is only available for private bookings for couples and friends. 

Nimbus & Co, Bondi

Another super gorgeous infrared sauna space. I know the advice is to wait 15 minutes before showering after a sauna but for someone who doesn't have a car, a shower in the same room as the sauna here is a massive plus. They also stock lots of beautiful products and have a very pretty instagram. 

Melanie Grant Skin Health, Double Bay

Okay so at one end of the scale we have shared sauna situations and at the other is Melanie Grant Skin Health. I'd heard and read so much about the facials here and earlier this year I was feeling lost again with my skin so my parents bought me a voucher for my birthday and I've finally booked an appointment. It'll be my first facial in ten years (will share my horror story for everyones amusement someday for sure). I'm very much looking forward to it as a huge indulgence and will report back. 

Luna Beauty Apothecary, Surry Hills

On the natural side of facial treatments is Luna Beauty, who seem to stock every brand I've stalked online over the last few years and have never found in person, like living libations, nucifera, bodha and kjaer weis. Luna Beauty Apothecary is boutique wellness store open by appointment as well as a treatment space with facials, naturopathic services and the option to combine the two in a skin nutrition consult which sounds incredible. 

Ryokan Gojyuan, Balmain

This place has been on my list forever and at the moment it's at an all time high because it's the first time in forever I might not make it back to Japan within the space of a year. Not only is this a beautiful Ryokan experience in Sydney, they also have a Hinoki bath (!!) which I think is otherwise impossible to find in Australia. Plus if you stay the night they can make your Japanese breakfast vegan too! Reviews of Ryokan Gojyuan and gushing and they also offer workshops on Japanese culture if thats more your thing! 

Let me know your favourite relaxation space in the comments below, Sydney or otherwise! 

Emmie x 

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