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Stay: Le Marais 

Coffee: Many of the specialty coffee shops were closed due to the August break. From what I understand the speciality coffee scene is much the same as in Japan. Some of the best coffee places don't offer non dairy milk, and some of the places that do offer non dairy milk don't make the best coffee. You most likely need to visit a specialty coffee shop for good coffee and it seems to me the take away coffee scene is not currently thriving. Which is perhaps a good thing. We visited Coutume, Ten Belles & Cafe Kitsune (no plant-based milks) 

Juice & Healthy Things: Wild & the Moon, Cafe Pinson

Cheap Vegan Eats: Hank Pizza & Burgers, Las Du Fallafel (prepare to wait in line!) are all really good and cheap by Paris standards. 

Vegan Croissants & Pastries: VG patisserie !!!

Grocery: Bio c' Bon (found everywhere!) for organic produce, tea, kombucha, almond milk, vegan chocolate & biscuits. 

Shop: I didn't shop at all (this year at all but if I did) The original Diptque shop, Bensimon shoes, Maison Kitsune and all the little boutiques around The Marais. 

Paris Guides I enjoyed that are quite comphrehensive: Local Milk, Lauren Spencer King for Free & Native & The Canyon Coffee Paris Guide

If you have any favourites, please leave a comment below! 

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