Herbal Facial Steam


Let me introduce you to your new best friend: The Herbal Facial Steam

So last week I had a little cold. It was one of those colds that had the potential to become a full blown thing, but I (begrudgingly) took my own advice and didn’t do any strong exercise for a couple of days, cancelled some plans, took a sauna, ate a lot of soup and had as many naps and restorative poses as I could possibly squeeze into my days.

I survived - but I have a real tendency to lose my voice after a cold (open throat centre in human design - makes soooo much sense) which makes teaching yoga an absolute nightmare. I am slightly traumatised by past experiences of having coughing fits while calling out a sun salutation (#triggered), so was on damage control at the slightly sign of throat dryness.

Enter The Steam.

It’s not something you would really think about for chest and throat stuff, but heres the thing. Winter is DRY and Australian houses are so terrible for insulation we end up crowding around the heater all the time, which basically zaps any surviving moisture from our skin, causing everything to be dehydrated, easily irritated and infected and so on. So inhaling steam and herbs not only shakes everything up if you’re congested, it adds back in that sweet, plumping, moistening quality (many of us) so long for in winter.

After a couple of days of steaming my face morning and night, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was like, wow. My skin is LUMINOUS.

Maybe not quiet luminous, but for someone who, usually, by the onset of autumn has peeling skin from dryness, no matter how many times I reapplied rosehip oil throughout the day, this was a revelation. As a side note on severe dryness in winter? A couple things: Green juice, infusions and watery fruits and vegetables for deep internal hydration and cut out all essential oils for anything that goes on your face, and moisturise your body with plain almond oil or shea butter. Oh and take off those synthetic tight yoga pants and get your body out in the sun as much as possible.


So the facial steam is your new best friend. For beauty, for immune system support, and also for feeling kinda luxe and fancy and witchy all at once. Use whatever you have in your home - loose leaf tea, blends, herbs, citrus and play with what works for you.

All you need is some herbs, a towel and a big mixing bowl. You can add these herbs to four cups of boiling water and simmer a minute or two; or the cheat version of pouring a kettle full of boiling water over the herbs to sit a minute or too works as well. I personally don’t use essential oils in the steam as I find it too intense for my skin. I prefer to use herbs for this, and keep the essential oils for the diffuser, and occasionally add a drop or two to body oil for fragrance ONLY when my skin is not dry or irritated.

Herbal Facial Steam for Immune System Support

1 sprig eucalyptus leaves

Sprinkles of:




Lemon Balm

Citrus rinds or peels

Herbal Facial Steam For Beauty

Sprinkles of:

Rose Petals



Make sure you cleanse your face beforehand, and take time to massage in your favourite oil or moisturiser afterwards - use a jade roller or gua sha tool if you have one. Note that if you are congested….. it’s not going to be pretty. Don’t uh.. force anything to come out? But let it all happen if thats what your body needs! Herbal facial steams are super hydrating, calming, great for circulation and cleansing. Plus they’re cheap and low fuss too! Please let me know if you try this!

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