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I read a lot of essays online, almost obsessively, but for some reason, never read collections of essays outside of Joan Didion (because I’m that basic). I read this book of essays, on planes and cafes in Japan and loved all of it. If you have books of essays you loved, please share them with me.

In Club Rest, on Retreats and in Human Design Sessions, I recommend journalling to everyone. Journalling can be list writing, notes, scribbles, stories, whatever. I find it incredibly helpful for most people, in completely different ways. Grab a Muji note and get to it, or if you’re looking for a notebook uplevel, these are the best.

Is sunscreen the new margarine? (Yes)

We had a great chickpea spanish omelette at a vegan bar in Japan, so I made this when we got back and it was SO good.

It’s Spring solstice, so this week I plan to revisit the work of Marie Kondo & Meghan Wallace James to uplift, declutter and dial in my home for the next three months.

But this time I’m not touching my books. I’ve never regretted throwing anything out, except my collection of books by Japanese authors figuring I’d already read them enough. Clearly not. This was actually the book that first inspired me to start a meditation practice, and it feels like it’s time for a re-read.

As the weather warms up (it’s gotta be soon right?) I’ll be drinking this, chilled, daily.

Finally met Johanna briefly in Tokyo last month. We have followed each other online for many, many years and I’m happy to say she is even more lovely in person. Her work and publications are all beautiful and heartfelt and I’m sure you will love them too.

I almost never make recipes off instagram, but bonberi has changed that and everything I’ve made from her grid so far is really, really good. She also posts great tips about cooking, food combining etc.

Speaking of food, you’ve heard of peaceful cuisine right? Less recipe inspo, more ASMR, very nice to watch.

I love to make pour over coffee at home. About a year ago, my hand grinder broke. I was kind of relieved because while I love the slowness of pour over, hand grinding the beans was a little too slow. After a lot of contemplation, and pre-ground coffee, I finally received this portable hand grinder, and I’m excited to see how it goes.

Artwork by Johanna Tagada

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