restorative yoga essentials


A long awaited, often asked about, list of restorative yoga props and where to buy them.

I’ve outlined a couple of different combinations of essentials below. Know that you don’t need to buy anything to start practicing. Use towels of all different sizes. Use blankets, use throws and cushions. Just start.

But know there is something special about collecting a kit of special props to be used only for your practice and nothing else. Keep them in one place. Pack them away neatly after use - make that part of the practice too. Don’t throw or kick the props around. Over time they will soften (just like you) and become imbued with a specific feeling or energy that will help regular relaxation become a comfortable and ease filled routine. If you feel overwhelmed, start with one eye pillow or blanket that you really love, and build from there.

scented eye pillow

mexican yoga blanket

rectangular bolster

round bolster

cork blocks

foam blocks

yoga chair


basic starter kit: 1 x eye pillow, 3 x blankets, 2 x foam blocks, 1 x yoga strap, 1 x rectangular bolster

serious yoga kit: 1 x eye pillow, 6 x yoga blankets, 1 x round bolster, 1 x rectangular bolster, 4 x yoga blocks, 1 x yoga strap, 1 x yoga chair

don’t know how to start practicing restorative yoga? grab a copy of my free ebook, daily rest here.

image via alanah may

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