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Yoga teaching is a funny thing. Sure, some of the time you are teaching postures and meditation; and some of the time you are walking around in a pitch black room trying not to trip over blocks, bolsters or someones arm. Pheobe and I have one studio in common. We both teach there but rarely cross paths. Not only has she moved across the country as a teacher, she seamlessly combines yoga teaching and being a celebrate under one perfect name, to yoke. You’ll enjoy this if you’re a yoga teacher, self employed or looking for a new book to read over the holidays.

name: Phoebe Jones 

work / creative project: I offer yoga and meditation to groups and individuals in the form of classes and private sessions. I’m also a celebrant, officiating marriages at weddings or elopements through personally tailored ceremonies.

I feel everything I’m doing requires some creative attention at the moment, though what I’m working away at is creating a really intentional and accessible 40 Day Sadhana program. A way people can connect and anchor themselves to a daily spiritual practice with a specific intention in mind.

via instagram.com/to_yoke

via instagram.com/to_yoke


scent: rain in the bush

city: I prefer the country but I have great memories of Mexico City 

beverage: genmaicha tea

movement practice: daily asana and I could walk all day

rest practice: yoga nidra

spiritual practice: my biggest learning, challenge and practice is that our spiritual life is in the quality of our presence and participation with it. I guess you could call that a tantric spiritual practice.

book: The Path to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita by Ram Dass. For any Australian, Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe for some real Australian history.

work soundtrack: I’m always looking for music to move to. Currently some instrumental retro-soul is in the background.

via instagram.com/to_yoke

via instagram.com/to_yoke


travel: a full kit of oils, sprays and creams to keep my skin hydrated

kitchen: lemons and olive oil

bathroom: dry body brush

morning rituals: lemon or apple cider vinegar and hot water, meditation, make the bed

 evening rituals: all screens away as early as possible, go to bed with a clean house

on teaching yoga

Trust what you are feeling and teach to that, because no doubt it will tune you in to what the student in front of you is needing or feeling too. When I started teaching yoga, I had no idea where it would go or what I wanted to make of it, but I knew I found something that I was in for the long haul. I’m learning how to be a teacher for when I’m in my wisdom years, for when I’ve lived and can look at things with experience. I think that takes a bit of pressure off what I need to be now. Its all been a continuous unfolding of how it could work, but moving from Perth to Sydney, I knew I had to ensure I held on to that ‘essence’ in the hustle of a big city. 

Being a celebrant actually was an idea that came from my sister as an off the cuff comment but I lingered on it. I thought this is where yoga can bring the magic of ritual into experiences of life that are a shift in consciousness, yet have lost the spirit. We may have begun to shun religion because of its emptiness, but I still think there are so many opportunities to bring that kind of presence in.

on being self employed

Remember your life outside of your business/work/passion. Life is varied and requires action and rest, effort and surrender. Balance the time, make a schedule and be disciplined about what is time away from work.

harmonium (1).jpg

The biggest struggle I came up against was knowing my worth. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience to date but as many of us have in the beginning stages of a new career or business I would give so much of my time for free.

I think that has its place for sure, and I think its important we are grateful for the students we have when we are learning, and the people who offer us classes, spaces, studios to practice in. But had it not been for a few hard lessons around money, debt and exchanges in energy, I would still be running my work and life like that!

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