we tend to think of luxury of chanel bags, flying first class, expensive jewellery, expensive wine. and of course for some people this genuinely is luxury ~ something to work and aspire towards. but for many of us, this is the idea of luxury that has been sold and advertised to us since we were old enough to watch tv or open a magazine. and it doesn’t fit. so we hear the word luxury and we think of excess or greed or something that we don’t need. particularly in the yoga world. but all of us are deserving of our personal idea of luxury. it might be the luxury of buying organic fruits and vegetables, of seeing a favourite musician perform live, wearing a beautiful dress that you love, getting a massage or taking a holiday.

for most of us time is a luxury. space is a luxury. in fact, many luxurious objects, experiences and practices are readily available to us if we only allow ourselves to see and have them. spending time in rest feels luxurious because it has shown me there is always more time, always more space. there is always enough. so whenever I feel rushed, stressed, pushed to the limit of trying to get it all done (not such a rare occurrence) or feeling like I don’t have enough of something, I make myself stop. notice all of the space. notice everything I have is right here. notice the fullness • note down what is luxurious to you. let yourself have at least little of it. notice how it feels. keep that feeling alive. 

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