The July List


Received a sample of this moisturiser and I’m not really a body moisturiser person (oil all the way) but now I’m obsessed and I might have to buy it?!

Late to the party but this show is amazing even thought I thought I wasn’t into violence anymore. If you can watch it and not fall in love with Jodie Comer’s character, let me know (you’re crazy).

I keep this in my bag cause it’s the ultimate multi-purpose balm. I use it before teaching as deodorant, hand cream and just to smell good. It looks tiny, but the small jar lasts me about six months.

Months later, still obsessed with this lipstick as the only thing that doesn’t dry me out. Rosewater is my favourite shade.

In preparation for moving to a new house (yes, HOUSE) I picked up a couple of these from Muji. Determined to end storing things in shoe boxes and takeaway containers (I know) one box at a time… consider this adult hood?

We’re about 50% full for the Restorative Immersive Retreat coming up in Summer. Will you be joining us?

On a huge Bonberi kick atm. Her recipes are super simple, bright and just feel really alive. The chickpea tuna is a winner, as is the Caviar d’Aubergines.

Okay so I found this an interesting read, mainly because I’m coming from the other perspective completely. For many years I only spent money on partying, travel, live music and ate plenty of french fries at midnight. Following that, any tiny amount of money I had went on Yoga Teacher Trainings, and it’s just in the last year or so that I’ve spent any money at all on things like massage and green juice, and for me the investment has really paid off. I wonder if its less about minimising ‘wellness’ spending and more about spending less on the thing you mindlessly spend on?

Speaking of live music, its been a too-long hiatus from live shows after spending five nights a week at gigs in my early twenties. I reignited the flame with Rhye earlier in the year, and in July I’m going to Dave and James Blake. Fun.

Speaking of spending, would someone fly over to Paris and grab me one of everything from this line, please?

This has been on the list for at least two years.

And I cannot wait to dive into this book. Journalling, lists, attention to detail? Yes please.

My friend just sent me a link to this funny, short read.

I was on a Podcast! Did you catch it?

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