Wtf is Human Design?


Yesterday, I started a resting for the human design energy types series on instagram. If you’re new to human design, first you’ll need your exact birth time (yes, exact) to find out your type. In a nutshell, human design is a blueprint of the best way for you to move through the world. To me it feels like both guidelines and a permission slip to being authentically (I know, that word, cringe) you.

There are a lot of layers to the Human Design chart, but the first and most practical level is your energy type. Find a brief description of each energy type below (and comment if it resonates)


Generators are the creators and do-ers of society. They are here to be completely lit up and excited about what they do. Through lighting themselves up and only doing what their gut says a HELL YES to, they light everyone else up too.

Generators often end up doing things they think they ‘should’ do because they feel guilty for saying no. Doing what does not light them up very quickly drains all their energy and leads to feeling stuck and frustrated.


Manifesting Generators

When living in alignment, MGs are basically humans with superpowers. Also driven by their gut response, the energy of a MG is like rocket fuel at the height of its wave. The multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate, multi-taskers of the world move quickly, and often need to course correct.

They should not be told they need to stick to one interest, hobby or career and instead embrace whatever they currently love or are drawn to, and know they don’t have to “see it through” or “stick to the one thing.” as society may have told them to.



Manifestors make shit happen. They are here to lead and inform and create movements whether they like it or not. Manifestors have a strong presence that can be felt in the room, some people will be strongly magnetised to them, whereas others might feel the opposite.

Because Manifestors have experienced people reacting negatively to them (for no real reason) they often try to people please, which only creates more tension and never works out for the best. Manifestors are here to initiate change, inform and get things started for the rest of us.



The guides of society. Projectors are non-energy beings (not a bad thing!) who need a lot of rest. Their energy is not the energy of productivity. To “be productive” for a projector is the least productive thing they can do, so it’s important they learn to let go of societies urge to “hustle” and know that resting has nothing to do with laziness.

Projectors usually have one specific thing they are an expert at, and can clearly see things in a way that others often cannot.



Reflectors are a very rare type who are basically like blank slates and total chameleons. They reflect the state of the group, company or society back to us. They are also non-energy beings who need a lot of rest and should wait a whole lunar cycle or 30 days before making a decision.

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