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Reflectors are a very rare type who are basically like blank slates and total chameleons. They reflect the state of the group, company or society back to us. They are also non-energy beings who need a lot of rest and should wait a whole lunar cycle or 30 days before making a decision.

Rest for Reflectors

Magical Reflectors make up a teeny tiny 1% of the population and are considered lunar beings who should wait a month (or entire lunar cycle) to make a decision. Reflectors don’t create any of their own energy and instead reflect back the energy of those around them.

The wellness worlds mantra of #authenticity and #youdoyou is very unhelpful for reflectors, who do not have a defined sense of self – again, this is not a bad thing – the potential for wisdom and joy is by far the highest for reflectors – but it all depends on the people you surround yourself with.

Reflectors take in the world around us in the same way we take in food. Energy, thoughts, personalities, beliefs – all of it. Your job as a Reflector is to be a ruthless curator of the world around you. Any person, practice, food, film, whatever it is, that does not hold the qualities you want to invite into your life has to go. Now.

The Reflector rest practice is crucial and serves as a process of emptying out everything you have taken in from your day. Try to think of yourself as a sieve rather than a sponge. What can I take on that is inspiring, useful and light? What do I need to let pass through? Know that it isn’t all yours. Notice how you felt spending time with certain people. Who needs to be let go of?

Although you probably love being around people – you feel energised and lit up around others, alone time is essential. Boundaries are key. It’s ideal to spend an hour alone in restorative poses, bathing, journaling, meditating before bed for the best sleep. The focus here is not taking anything new in, so refrain from reading, watching or even engaging in conversation if possible.

So go on, create and curate that magical life you deserve (and then take a nap cause telling people no is hard work)

Stay tuned for LOVE, WORK & EATING for Reflectors. ***Please keep in mind there is so much more depth and complexity to a human design chart than just the energy type alone. To take this to a much richer, personalised level, I will be open for 1:1 readings from June 2019. Get in touch to book a session.

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