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The guides of society. Projectors are non-energy beings (not a bad thing!) who need a lot of rest. Their energy is not the energy of productivity. To “be productive” for a projector is the least productive thing they can do, so it’s important they learn to let go of societies urge to “hustle” and know that resting has nothing to do with laziness.

Projectors usually have one specific thing they are an expert at, and can clearly see things in a way that others often cannot.

Rest for Projectors

As a projector, you may have a complicated relationship with rest. Projectors are incredible, non-energy beings who are here to act as guides for the rest of us. The idea of non-energy can seem like a bad thing. It’s absolutely not. We have simply learnt this from the way we have been brought up. That success and happiness can only come through gruelling hard work.

All that noise we hear about #hustleand #chaseyourdreams and #justdoit – not going to work for a projector. And sure, anyone can force themselves to work hard, so I hear you saying, but I’m a projector and I CAN hustle – but if you take a step back and look at your life honestly – Are things really flowing? Do you feel physically well and energetic? How do you really feel about your friendship group? Are you content?

Because society says we’re not allowed to rest as much as a projector really needs, they often end up ignoring loud cues from the body to STOP and work more than anyone else! Ever done something just to prove a point? Exactly. As a projector you see things in a way others do not, and instead of working like us regular lay people (aka generators) your precious focus should be diving into whatever subjects, practices and ideas you find really interesting. When you have really honed that interest, work in tandem with others to bring them to life.

DAILY rest, restorative & yin yoga and naps are essential. As is resting way before you are tired. And if your partner is an energy type, kick them out of the bed once a week so you can get some really deep sleep. As you are so open, you take on energy from everyone else and should only work in short, focused bursts. Use that to your advantage when you need to get shit done, and stop after an hour or so.

Just a note – if you find yourself resonating with the projector description but you’re not a projector – it’s a sign you’re not fully embracing your energy type and authority. 

Stay tuned for LOVE, WORK & EATING for PROJECTORS. ***Please keep in mind there is so much more depth and complexity to a human design chart than just the energy type alone. To take this to a much richer, personalised level, I will be open for 1:1 readings from June 2019. Get in touch to book a session.

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