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Manifestors make shit happen. They are here to lead and inform and create movements whether they like it or not. Manifestors have a strong presence that can be felt in the room, some people will be strongly magnetised to them, whereas others might feel the opposite.

Because Manifestors have experienced people reacting negatively to them (for no real reason) they often try to people please, which only creates more tension and never works out for the best. Manifestors are here to initiate change, inform and get things started for the rest of us.

Rest for Manifestors

Manifestors are not here to be told what to do. They do not need to wait for a response or an invitation from the outside world, but instead honour the inner urge to go and start the thing Right Now. It’s only after they’ve made the move that they’ll really know if it was right or not. The important thing is that the urge is followed.

Manifestors aren’t here to do all the work, although they might feel like they need to (the old I’m not going to hire anyone I can do it better myself situation) and sure, maybe you can in principle, but that’s a waste of your energy and it will not serve you and you will burn tf out. Manifestors do not do well in regular 9-5 jobs and work better as their own boss because again, they answer to no one, so don’t even try it.

How does this relate to rest? Well, while Manifestors can work super hard in short bursts (particularly alongside a generator) they actually aren’t designed to wear themselves out with work at all. They’re here to lead, inform and have ideas. Not to work a 12 or even 8 hour day. Leave that to a generator who is super excited about your ideas (and don’t waste your time trying to please anyone who isn’t). Delegate everything you can to people who are on your team.

Manifestors tend to be unaware of when enough is enough in terms of work or any kind of sustained activity and will keep going until they physically cannot take another step. Daily restorative is an essential practice for everyone, but particularly for manifestors who not only struggle to know when to stop, but sleep poorly when exhausted. Moral of the story here is lay down BEFORE you are tired. Don’t wait until you feel it. Do it now and do it every single day. Set an alarm in your phone if you have to.

While manifestors are strong, powerful and can have a very polarising energy, all they want at the end of the day is peace and quiet. Know that working long, hard hours has nothing to do with your value as a person, so hire someone else to clean your house and answer your emails and take a solo 3pm nap already.

Stay tuned for LOVE, WORK & EATING for Manifestors. ***Please keep in mind there is so much more depth and complexity to a human design chart than just the energy type alone. To take this to a much richer, personalised level, I will be open for 1:1 readings from June 2019. Get in touch to book a session.

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