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Manifesting Generators

When living in alignment, MGs are basically humans with superpowers. Also driven by their gut response, the energy of a MG is like rocket fuel at the height of its wave. The multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate, multi-taskers of the world move quickly, and often need to course correct.

They should not be told they need to stick to one interest, hobby or career and instead embrace whatever they currently love or are drawn to, and know they don’t have to “see it through” or “stick to the one thing.” as society may have told them to.

Rest for Manifesting Generators

Have a look at the post on generators, because it’ll be helpful to look at yesterdays post on gut response which applies to you too! Okay so when MGs are on their game, they’re basically humans with superpowers.

Like generators, MGs have a *lot* of energy, but instead of having the consistent, steady grounded energy of generators, MG energy comes in waves. At the onset or peak of that wave, the energy is like being charged by rocket fuel. It is intense and unstoppable. Because the energy is so intense, at a point it tapers off and the need for rest is very, very real.

Because you’re used to (and probably, somewhat addicted to) these intense energy spurts, you might feel resistant to switching off at the bottom of the wave, but at that point, rest is the single most productive thing you can do. So please, take a savasana.

In terms of a yoga practice, forcing yourself to stick to the same class, method or teacher forever and just doing that one single practice forever might feel a little bit claustrophobic (#boring) for you. Give yourself permission to try all the things, pick and choose from your favourite classes or methods and let yourself mix it up. When you get home, try to spend at least an hour before bed soothing your system with rest, bathing, screen-free time or whatever your current favourite chill thing is.

Rest is not only going to create space to really feel that gut response, but will also help you to find a pause between feeling the YES and then bursting out into space making it come to life. Often when you run straight into things you’ll miss details and then need to come back and course correct, which is fine, but taking a breath to just dip your toe in or visualise the outcome might save some going back and forth.

And yes, taking that pause is going to feel  S O S L O W (hello impatience!) but a daily practice of rest is going to teach you how important the pause is – and might even bring to light the details and clarity you need

Stay tuned for LOVE, WORK & EATING for MGs. ***Please keep in mind there is so much more depth and complexity to a human design chart than just the energy type alone. To take this to a much richer, personalised level, I will be open for 1:1 readings from June 2019. Get in touch to book a session.

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