Human Design - Generators


Generators are the creators and do-ers of society. They are here to be completely lit up and excited about what they do. Through lighting themselves up and only doing what their gut says a HELL YES to, they light everyone else up too.

Generators often end up doing things they think they ‘should’ do because they feel guilty for saying no. Doing what does not light them up very quickly drains all their energy and leads to feeling stuck and frustrated.


Rest for Generators

Generators have so much energy it might seem like they don’t need to rest, but literally everyone needs to rest, so stop making that your excuse and get out the bolster.

Heres the thing though: generators must listen to their gut response and be 100% lit up by what they do. If you are a generator and you’re constantly feeling exhausted and tired, then something is really off. You need to take inventory of what feels like a hell yes in your life and let everything else go. Seriously.

Also - Generators aren’t here to run around starting new projects hoping they will light them up. Instead, let the world move TOWARD you and get really good at listening to your gut response. Say no to everything that isn’t an immediate yes. If you’re a generator, chances are this is really hard for you. Chances are you’ve been saying yes your whole life when you should have been saying no.

Back to the resting. Because you do have a lot of energy, you’ll probably get frustrated (frustration is a theme for you) if there’s nothing around that seems super exciting. You’re also, probably not good at resting. But the quiet and still space of rest is going to help you get super clear on listening to that gut response. It will help you see clearly what is a no. Stop running around like a crazy person doing stuff you don’t actually like and just BE. Feel. Take inventory. Start saying no.

Rest will teach you to wait for the thing that is IT. It will help you to be okay with the quiet space that you’re probably going to feel crazy uncomfortable in after letting all of your no’s go. So go and find your most favourite blankets and most favourite pose and set your timer for 20 minutes cause not only do you deserve to rest, but you deserve to feel lit up by everything you do!

Stay tuned for LOVE, WORK & EATING for Generators. ***Please keep in mind there is so much more depth and complexity to a human design chart than just the energy type alone. To take this to a much richer, personalised level, I will be open for 1:1 readings from June 2019. Get in touch to book a session.

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