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My favourite packaged herbal teas. In an ideal world I would always drink loose leaf herbs, but these are the best in the business, and I’ve read multiple accounts of them being the most ethical company (on all levels) around. Perfect for before teaching classes, travelling or late at night. If you’re in Aus you can buy most of the range via iHerb, and they’re super affordable too. I love the whole range, but I always have throat coat on hand - biggest life saver for the dreaded combo of winter dryness and teaching heaps of classes!

A friend reminded me of this episode of The Expanded Podcast so I re-listened to it yesterday. It’s so full of goodness! It’s because of Nadine, I (a literal redhead who lives on the Australian coast) gave up sunscreen a couple of years ago after being more or less covered in it my entire life. I’m still taking baby steps, but I do not doubt for a second the sun is deeply healing and sunscreen is not the answer.

Obsessed with these. And these. And sprinkle this on everything. Okay you get the point.

A winter YES.

I finally launched a little online shop. I’ve wanted to have my own store (in some sense of the word) for most of my life. In my own true personal style, I’ve started with a baby step and released a single, small batch item. The Deep Rest Eye Pillow.

Picked up some fresh Nettles at the Farmer’s Markets on the weekend and after freaking out about how to take the sting away (blanch!) I’m now making all the things.

I’m going back to basics with my skincare routine at the moment. Using this for oil cleansing and moisturising. Costs a fraction of my Drunk Elephant regime, so we’ll see how it differs. Speaking of getting off sunscreen, I’ve really gone down the rabbit hole of sun safe vs not at all sun safe oils. Squalene makes the cut. Check the story highlights on this instagram page for more.

Going to try my best to hunt down a slightly more affordable version of this when I’m back in Japan at the end of the month. I’m (very, very) slowly putting together my dream kitchen. My first purchase was this, and I LOVE it.

I feel tiny hints of Spring, do you feel the same or is it just wishful thinking? Either way, a Spring-y playlist you might enjoy

Seeing a pattern here of going back to the old classic (and hyper affordable) wellness things. Taking baths wit this clay + epsom salt + fresh rosemary from my backyard for detox and my skin has been crazy soft. Also playing with using it as a face mask again, as I used to for many years, and so far results are good.

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