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I believe Rest is the key.

The Japanese phrase yutori has a poetic translation. It means something like, living with a sense of spaciousness. Consciously creating space in your day. Leaving more time to get to work or a meeting so you can enjoy your surroundings or have a warm drink on the way. Eliminating rush; clearing the excess.

In a world that reaches into our lives more than ever, drawing a sacred circle around our time for rest and going inward is not only challenging - it’s countercultural. The long forgotten art of rest is the foundation on which our wellbeing is built. Improve relationships, creativity and clarity by making space internally and in your home environment through the daily practice of rest.

Maybe you’re tired; maybe you’re lacking clarity or feeling stuck, maybe you have a new project you’re trying to get off the ground - whatever it is, we’ll work together to create a plan that brings a sense of yutori - spaciousness, into your life.

Online Rest Consultations

Rest consultations start with a short survey & reflection exercise to sit with a week before our initial consultation to start to fully understand your relationship with rest.

After your session you will receive not only prescribed restorative yoga asana & journalling exercises, but recommendations for small, manageable shifts in areas ranging from your home space, movement practices, creative projects and beyond to create a sense of yutori - spaciousness, ease and joy.

initial consultation: $120

ongoing sessions (30min): $50

Restorative Yoga IN person

In person 1:1 or small group sessions (with ocean views) are available at The Collaborative Maroubra on Mondays & Thursdays between 12-5pm.

$150 per session

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